Terms of use

These general terms and conditions regulate the relationship between ATARO LTD and the persons using the website and the online store at www.atarostore.bg


“WE”, “ATARO”, “THE COMPANY” means ATARO LTD, 272 Vasil Levski Str., 4003 North Industrial Zone, Plovdiv.

“CPA” – means Consumers Protection Act;

“PDPA” – means Personal Data Protection Act;

“POSA” – means Postal Services Act;

“SITE” – means Web Site located at www.atarostore.bg;

“ONLINE STORE” – means the virtual store located at www.atarostore.bg, which provides the opportunity to purchase goods over the Internet;

“USER” – means a person who uses the website’s features;

“BUYER” – means a person who performs purchase of goods through the online store;

“CONSUMER” – means a consumer in the meaning of the CPA;

“PERSONAL DATA” – means personal data in the meaning of the PDPA;

“CASH ON DELIVERY” – means cash on delivery pursuant to the POSA;

“GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS” - means these general terms and conditions.

By clicking on any link, button or application available on the site, with the exception of the link pointing to these terms and conditions, you expressly and unconditionally agrees to these general terms and conditions for using the website and the online store.

General provisions

Only those goods which the system allows to be added to the shopping cart may be purchased through the online store. All information on goods presented in the website, including, but not limited to technical characteristics, warranty, instructions for use, etc. is provided by the manufacturer, respectively importer of the goods. Ataro is not responsible in case of false, incorrect or inaccurately presented information, accurate information presented in a misleading way, discrepancies between the presented and the actual situation, misprints. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.


All prices shown on the website/online store are in Bulgarian leva and are valid only at the time of their publication. Ataro reserves the right to change them without notice at any time. The prices of online purchases, confirmed by Ataro are final and shall not be changed. The prices on the website/online store are final and include all taxes and fees, except the price for processing and delivery, indicated separately, when such is due. The decorations are not included in the price.

Legal Guarantee. Information for consumers. Alternative Dispute Resolution

All goods presented on the website and/or sold through the online store have a legal guarantee of conformity of goods with the sale contract pursuant to Art. 112-115 of the CPA. The commercial guarantee does not affect the rights of consumers arising from the guarantee of Art. 112-115 of the CPA. Regardless of the commercial guarantee, the seller is responsible for the lack of conformity of consumer goods with the sales contract under the guarantee of Art. 112-115 of the CPA.


Only users who have accepted the general terms and conditions can place orders. To place an order, it is necessary to fill in the order form


The price due for goods ordered through the online store can be paid by one of the following methods:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank card payment
  • Bank transfer

Please, consider that in certain cases some of the payment methods can be unavailable for certain orders. All payments are made in Bulgarian leva only. By accepting these terms and conditions the buyer agrees expressly and unconditionally, in all cases, except for the “cash on delivery” payment, including but not limited to using the “Pick up from Store” option, to pay to Ataro, in advance and in full amount, the purchase price of any item ordered through the online store. If paying via “cash on delivery” the buyer hands over to the courier the total amount (including the purchase price and price for processing and delivery) specified in the invoice/receipt and authorize the courier to hand it over to Ataro on his/her own behalf and account; the payment is specified in the document, verifying the delivery of the item, serving as a proof of receipt.


The distance sale contract between Ataro and the buyer shall be deemed concluded at the time of confirmation of the specific order by Ataro. Confirmation of a distance sale contract, including of the information under Art. 47, para 1 of the CPA shall be done via the email provided by the buyer.

Withdrawal from a distance contract

Pursuant to art. 50 of the CPA, a consumer is entitled to withdraw from the distance contract without stating a reason, without compensation or penalty and without covering any costs, save for the costs provided for in art. 54, par. 3 and art. 55 of the CPA, within 14 days as from the date of: acceptance of the goods by the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer, or when the consumer has ordered in one order many items that are delivered separately – from the date on which the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer has accepted the last item.

The right to withdrawal may be only exercised if the consumer has presented to Ataro: the goods in its original package in perfect condition, all pertaining to the goods accessories, belongings and documents, as well as the original purchase documents (cash receipt/invoice).